Office of Surface Mining/Volunteer in Service to America (OSM/VISTA) For 7 years, Friends of Deckers Creek has been proud to sponsor an OSM/VISTA position through a strong partnership with the Appalachian Coal Country Team (ACCT). ACCT logo


Many Thanks To Our Donors:

King Fisher

Susan and Don Sauter, Ann Payne, Hope and Thomas Covey, Patricia and Karl Diefenbach

Small Mouth Bass

Kirk and Kate Hazen, Brent Bailey, Petra and John Wood, Nancy Abrams, Marc Tanner, Don and Carol Spencer, Dale and Carolyn McVicker, Matthew Dalbey, David Hriblan, David Woodall, Rich and Bettina Dennis, Deborah Fulton, Patty and Dave Lemley, Steven Runfola, David and Mary Burch, Ben and Alyse Gilmer, Anna Renner, Susan Olcott, Mike and Betsy Breiding, Brianna Sheppard, Georgian Steinhardt, Thomas Belden, Barbara and Alan Ducatman, Tom and Susam Robets, Mary Wimmer, Paula Hunt and Time Warner, John Sofranko, Gloria Sofranko, Edward and Patricia Cyphert, Cindy Ashworth

Red Spotted Newt

Cheryl Brown, Pam Kasey and Evan Hansen, David and Lilian Yelton, Susan and Donley Studlar


Adam, Kendra and Hatcher Webster, Alice and James Frost, Andrew Miller, Ann and Joseph DiMarco, Bob and Alice Vernon, Bradford and Sonja Bearce, Charles DiSalvo and Kathleen Kennedy, Chip and Tessa Chambers, Donna Ford-Werntz, George Merovich, Joel and Pamela Vogt, John and Stephanie Evans, Jon, Darla, Tesla, and Koral Hickey, Judy ad Tom Rodd, Ken and Debra Rodeheaver, Kevin, Jerome and Jayne Tveter, Lyndell and Ron Millecchia, Martha Ferris, Paul Garvin and Susan Jones, Peter Wentzel, Robert and Leslie Tower, Robert and Mariam Miller, Russel Miller and Marguerite Danna, Smargo Home Creations, Sonja and Joew Morton, Terry and Dolores Falls, Therese Vanzo and Eric Hopkins, Timothy Nelms, Vicky Shears and Dan Doyle, William and Anna Thorne


Veberly Martin and Michael Vernon, William Bryan, Larry and Elizabeth Reseter, Garth and Angie Lindley, David and Linda Hepler, Ed Hansen, Paul and Sarah Steel, Sara Wilts, Cathy Francis, Donald Reinke, Kay Beamer, Daryl Gary, Sabra Petersmann, John and Charlotte Pyles, Lydia Main, Julian Martin, Sophia Peterson, Jeff and Debra Skusen, Walter and Kathleen Labys, Marilyn Manilla, Ron and Jennifer Justice, Lowell Duckert, Jenny and Nathan Wilson


Catherine McConnell

Business Members

Allan N. Karlin & Assoc., Aurora Lights, Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia, Eagles Newt Outfitters, Friends of the Cheat, Friends of Trees, Modern Homestead at Tathams, Monongahela Building, New South Media Inc, River Riders, Roller Vixens, South Park Association of Neighbors, Table 9, Tailpipes Gourmet Burgers, The Needle Craft Barn, Timberland Four Seasons Resort, Twin Spruce Marina, Vintage Videos and Games, Waterfron Jeep, WOW Factory

Business Sponsors

Karst Sports, All Mtn Group/Black Diamond, Blaine Turner Advertising, Petzl America, Liberty Mountain, Tin 202, Black Bear Burritos, Mulkeen Landscaping, All U Need, Big Timber Brewing Company, Tanners Tavern LLC, Moutain State Brewing Company, Morgantown Brewing Company, Chestnut Brew Works

Clean Creek Project Sponsors

Morgantown Carpenters Local 604, Med Express Headquarters

Major Business Donors

Patagonia, Gary's Comics, Morgantown Utility Board


Granting Agencies:

Appalachian Stewardship Foundation, National Environmental Education Foundation, State Farm, Stream Partners, WV Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), US Office of Surface Mining, Norcross Wildlife Foundation, 4imprint One by One