FODC Welcomes New Executive Director 

Friends of Deckers Creek (FODC) is pleased to announce our new Executive Director, Suzanne Moore.

We are pleased to have her on board as her environmental dedication and management expertise will help FODC advance our mission of improved awareness and water quality in the Deckers Creek Watershed. Suzanne’s background in arts and political science gives her an artistic touch and knowledge of public interactions which will aide tremendously in community outreach, a major component of our mission at Friends of Deckers Creek. In addition, Suzanne has performed a management role for an outdoor recreation company as well as a director role for the Alzheimer’s Association, West Virginia Chapter. While director of the Alzheimer's Association, Suzanne acted as head of the Morgantown Regional Office, organized several memory walks to raise awareness and funds, worked to provide community and regional resources, and trained caregivers and health professionals. She has also dedicated countless community volunteer hours to numerous local organizations.

Suzanne was raised in North Carolina and has resided in West Virginia for nearly a decade. As a resident her husband and she have immersed themselves in the rich outdoor recreational opportunities West Virginia has to offer. Hiking and kayaking are among those activities and many weekends have been spent camping in the West Virginia wilderness. This deep rooted love of outdoor recreations instills a conservationist mentality that most lovers of nature could relate to. This conservationist mentality is vital to the mission of FODC and makes her an excellent fit with our organization.

Welcome, Suzanne!