FODC's newsletter Currents is published seasonally. Stories are contributed by FODC staff, board members, youth advisory board members and community members. Layout and editing by Sarah Veselka and Pam Kasey. They can be downloaded below.

Currents 40 Winter 2014

Featured articles

  • Richard Mine Exhibit at the Morgantown History Museum
  • New Staff
  • Board of Directors
  • Current AMD Projects
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Watershed Work

Currents 38 Summer 2014

Featured articles

  • Youth Watershed Walk and Youth Guide to Deckers
  • Creek: New Executive Director: Education Coordinator
  • Transition: Aaron's Creek Restoration: Richard Mine
  • Community Outreach: Richard Mine Geotechnical Study

Currents 35 Winter 2013

Featured articles

  • FODC Welcomes New Executive Director
  • Keep Your Eyes and Ears Alert for the Belted Kingfisher
  • City Zoning Can Help Protect Deckers Creek
  • Know Your Watershed Rights
  • YAB Begins New Meeting Schedule and Announces 2013 Officers
  • 2013 Spring Meltdown

Currents 34 Winter 2012

Featured articles

  • FODC is Tracking Marcellus Wells & Monitoring Streams
  • New Genus of Crayfish Found in the Watershed
  • Reconstruction of a Deckers Creek Dam
  • Welcoming a New Staff Member - Pamela Englemann
  • YAB in the Classroom
  • Deckers Creek Dog Application

Currents 33 Summer 2011

Featured articles

  • Local Youth Earn Their Creek Legs Staying Active in Community
  • Flies That Live Under River Stones?
  • Budget Decisions Impact the Richard Mine Project
  • Fishing Improvements in Deckers Creek Including Trout!
  • YAB Seeks New Members
  • 2011 Spring Meltdown Highlights